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Angel Eyes has songs for 2024.

Macka Diamond is forever shining.

Legendary veteran artiste Macka Diamond is showing that what longevity in the business is all about.  After mashing up Sting 2023 she still shows that she ah lead.

Fans can get ready to see Macka Diamond perform in Costa Rica, New York, Canada, Georgia, Florida and many more places. 

The song for the moment has net even been released yet and it has taken social media by storm.  "Still got It" is a song in which the artiste explains that she still has it.  "Diamonds are Forever."


Corden Barrett pens new music. 

Veteran industry saxaphonist Corden Barrett has released a new song entitled "How Long Will You Stay Away?"  Mr. Barrett's take on his new song is that "It’s a love song about a guy missing the love of his life who had walked away from their relationship.  He is crying out for her to come home, while reminiscing on when they were together and now he’s asking how she will stay away?  In essence it can apply to anyone missing someone.” 

"How Long Will You Stay Away" is a breath of fresh air because it is a throwback regarding the clean content of the song.  People of all social backgounds can relate to songs like this.  "How Long Will You Stay Away" has been making waves across radio stations in America, Jamaica and The Gambia.  We have to say that Corden Barrett has made a baad lover's rock style tune.  And dem style deh c'aan dun.   

Kele` sings to the world. 

Upcoming reggae/gospel artiste Kele` has a fire song out titled "With You."  This is a song that expresses love for one's partner.  The vocals on this artiste are something to listen to.  She also drops a little deejaying on the track as well. 


The track is produced by producer Vaughn outta Canada.  The man sure knows how to voice talent.  Lookout for the upcoming "Buss Music Show" featuring "with You.  This track is already in our regular rotation.  We look forward to more music from Kele`.

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Angel Eyes has hit the studio again and is currently voicing new songs.  Look out for some mento, ska, dancehall and reggae tracks from this Magnum Kings & Queens 2016 runner-up. 

Angel Eyes' music is rotation worldwide.  DJs in countries such as America, Italy, United Kingdom & Zimbabwe are blazing her music on the airwaves and in dancehalls likewise. 


We feature songs from Angel Eyes all the time.  But, in the meantime, tune in and listen to her big hit "A Sinner."  It is a love song to listen to because loving makes a sinner.  

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